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Harry’s Boots is so much more than boots.

When you walk into our 5 building storefront in the little town of San Saba, Texas, you’ll notice, though we have rows upon rows of boots, there’s a whole lot more to our store. Harry’s Boots is a one-stop-shop for western wear and artisanal country goods. We’ve got everything a real cowboy or cowgirl needs.

And the thing every cowboy and cowgirl appreciates the most is a good, high quality soap. Something sudsy to wash off the mud after a long day on the trail is a must in any true Texan’s home.

At Harry’s Boots we pick from the finest goods, from all across this great nation, to sell at our store. It’s with great pride that we choose to sell Finchberry Soap. Not only does this beautiful soap brighten up the shop, it makes the place smell amazing too!

There’s many reasons why we love Finchberry soap. So let’s count them! Shall we?


The Color!

This soap literally looks good enough to eat! The bright colors are all natural too, because Finchberry is chemical free. The vibrant colors catch the eye as soon as you step into the shop. This decadently decorated soap stands out from all those other boring soaps. But it’s not merely decorative. The only thing more luminous than the colors of Finchberry Soap, will be your skin after using it!

The Smell!

We can’t tell you how much we love the various scents of Finchberry Soap! Keeping the soap next to the sink not only jazzes up the the counter, the scent easily fills the space without being overpowering. The smell stays true even when wet, and leaves you smelling delicious for a while after using.

The Quality!

One of the best things about this soap is the ingredients, and the process used to make it. At the Finchberry soapery, they only use vegan, non-gluten, chemical free ingredients like plant oils and butters. Some interesting Finchberry Soap ingredients include rolled oats, jasmine buds, dead sea mud, activated bamboo charcoal, & ground walnut seed shells.

They use the cold press process, which results in a soap that penetrates deep into the skin. Using heat when making soap strips the natural ingredients of their nutrients. The best in nature is at its best when cold pressed.

The Uniqueness!

The cold press process also allows for unique, one-of-a-kind designs. With Finchberry Soap, not a single batch is exactly alike. Each variety they offer is more special than the last, decorated with swirls, glitter, dried flowers, and layers upon layers of color. Some look exactly like a slice of birthday cake, while others resemble rare crystals & geodes.

The Suds!

Finchberry first and foremost is a useful soap. Though it may look pretty, it’s actually an excellent way to nourish your skin. The natural plant oils and butters create a creamy lather for extra deep moisturizing. The cold press process whips up the ingredients, so the lightest touch of water creates a rich lather, making the soap last much longer. Make your next bathing session extra luxurious with Finchberry soap!


Karoline Jordan was born and raised in San Saba and is a proud member of the fightin' Texas A&M Class of 2014 with a degree in Agriculture Leadership and Education with an emphasis in Public Relations.

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