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Blog Disclaimer

Information found on this blog is that of an opinion only. Information found on this blog is not intended to offend any individual, company, organization, religion, or ethnic group in any way. Information found on this blog is intended to be accurate but should not be relied upon under any specific circumstance.

Although we strive to bring you interesting and accurate information, we cannot confirm its accuracy and insist that you always double check information before acting upon it, as content posted today may not be accurate or correct tomorrow. As a result Harry’s Boots will not be liable for actions arising as a result of the information on a blog post, as it is intended as opinionated and not informative.

Photographs, images, links, or content mentioned on this blog that are not ours will be cited to the correct owner. We do not wish to take credit for content we did not create, and we will do our best to assure that credit is forwarded on where it is due. We employ you to take the time to read the accreditations and offer credit where it is deserved.