Tony Lama Brandy Caiman Belly

Product #: TL5250
Boot Features:
- Brandy Burnished Caiman Belly Tail
- Burnished Honey Top
- 11" Height
- Butyl Leather Outsole
- Cushion Comfort Package Insole
- Hand Channel Welt
- Square Toe
- Stockman Heel

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Product Description

You can't go wrong with these brandy caiman belly boots as they are simple, but still an eye catcher. They include many neat features like how they are part of the exotic collection of Tony Lama. They are 11'' in height, include a cushion comfort package insole for extra comfort, hand channel welt for lower profile, and much more. They are great to wear for any occasion you have going on as all it depends is what jeans and shirt you wear.Note that all hides and vamp skins may vary, contact us to see specifics on your size before ordering.


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